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M:I-6 “Fallout” – Shooting in Paris for 7 weeks

Mission: Impossible Fallout was filmed in Paris. The involvement of the local authorities, the quality of French production services and crews as well as the 30% tax rebate were deciding factors in making Tom Cruise’s and Christopher McQuarrie’s wish a reality.

Filming in France lasted 36 days and over 5000 people (crews and extras) were necessary to complete the prep and the filming.

To film some of the most thrilling chase scenes ever shot in the City of Light, the production was assisted by Paris authorities as well as by several French ministries and iconic locations, such as the Grand Palais. Film France also brought its help to the production.

Valérie Lépine-Karnik, Film France’s CEO, says « After last year’s Dunkirk and several TV shows including Sense8 finale, Paramount’s Mission: Impossible Fallout is clear evidence that France now features prominently on the map of international productions. »

Source : Film France, Consulate General of France in Los Angeles

Cast : Tom Cruise, …

Director : Christopher McQUARRIE
Producer : J.J ABRAMS
Producer : Jake MYERS
Production Services and Co-Producer (Paris Unit) : FIRSTEP – Raphaël BENOLIEL
Production Manager, France : Antonin DEPARDIEU
Cinematographer : Rob HARDY
Key Grip, France : Michel STRASSER
Gaffer, France : Grégory FROMENTIN
1st Assistant Caméra, France : Hugues ESPINASSE
Production Designer : Peter WENHAM


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