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Mandatory wear of mask everywhere at our premises

Hydro-alcoholic solution at your disposal

Minimum distance 1 meter (3 feet)

All doorknobs, handles, chairs, switches, tables and desks disinfected regularly

All room airing / ventilation and air conditioning adjustment

Disinfection of technical equipment and staff protection :


There is a scientific consensus that a quarantine of 72hrs neutralizes almost all of the SARS-COV-2 type viruses that could lodge on inert surfaces.
Only certain plastics can potentially allow the virus to remain active beyond this quarantine period.
On aluminum and iron, the main materials of cinematographic equipment, the persistence of the virus does not exceed 24 hours. We therefore consider that any equipment which has not been mobilized over a period of 72 hours is deemed to be INERT.

Bulk disinfection

To optimize the disinfection of bothequipment and filming locations, we have chosen the Air Surface Disinfection Process (DSVA) offered by the French company Oxy’Pharm.  
Nocospray is a medical device that operates using a dry turbine ionization process for the Nocolyse consumable, a ready-to-use surface bio-disinfection product based on 6% hydrogen peroxide and a silverstabilizer.
The Nocolyse consumable is 99.9% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, non-carcinogenic and leaves no residue.
The Nocospray process complies with standard NF T 72 281 (November 2014 version) for surface disinfection.
The Nocospray system makes it possible to disinfect technical equipment and all the surfaces it contacts by achieving a log reduction rate of > 6 log (99.9999%) of infectious microorganisms.
This process allows us to disinfect all accessible (non-directional) surfaces in a given place (truck, studio, vehicle, etc.) in less than 2 hours by neutralizing corona-type viruses.
We tested this process in situ with make-up glass, lenses without caps, monitors, cameras with exposed sensors, open flight cases, etc., without any trace of deposits or corrosion on multiple fragile surfaces.

The Nocospray is available for sale and rental through our CINE PROTECT specialty service.

Local disinfection of sensitive equipment

It is not always necessary or possible to carry out a DSVA.
For more local disinfection applications, we have validated Septysan AR biological disinfectant made in France. This alcohol-based product can be applied by spraying (bottle with manual sprayer or garden sprayer for larger needs) directly on surfaces for a virucidal effect in seconds.

Very quick to evaporate, Septysan AR does not require wiping. Septysan can be used as a cleanser by spraying on a wipe or other cleansing tissue to remove larger soils, while ensuring a virucidal action.
We tested Septysan AR on film lenses to ensure the total evaporation of the product. Septysan AR complies with standard EN 14476 for its virucidal action.
Septysan AR is not a hydro-alcoholic solution usable for the disinfection of people.
It is also recommended to use gloves and safety glasses during manual applications if used with extensivemisting.

As Septysan AR is an alcoholic spray, the personnel must simply avoid excessive spray concentrations in an enclosed space. To neutralize the interior of a vehicle for example, make sure that all the doors are open. The evaporation time following a fine mist vaporization is less than 2 minutes.

TSF STUDIOS specific measures

TSF applies the following guidelines to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for its personnel and clients in the group’s film studios:

As responsible citizens, we undertake to exercise vigilance in monitoring the health of our employees and provide them with forehead thermometers for individual surveillance as well as PPE (masks, shields, hydro-alcoholic solution, etc.) to ensure the well-being and health of all occupants.

We make it mandatory to wear a mask for all of our employees in all common areas and areas assigned to customers and ensure compliance with this essential rule, as well as the strict respect of barrier gestures and other preventive measures.
Common areas and particularly sanitary facilities, door handles, light switches and other usual contact points are treated so as to be deemed neutralized before each day of shooting.

We have implemented a directional circulation scheme in the buildings together with our customers, in order to limit the proximity of the different teams present on site.

Informative signs on barrier gestures, mandatory maskwearing and hand washing and signs on the obligations to be observed within the buildings are posted visibly in all key locations.

On the EPINAY STUDIOS site : soundstages and workshops are all equipped with 3kw air extractors to allow the removal of stagnant air, smoke and other aerosol suspensions in an efficient manner. The fresh air inlets are located towards opposite ends in each of the studios, facilitating a thorough recycling of the ambient air.
Studio F is also equipped with positive pressure incoming ventilation to accelerate air recycling in this large volume.

All dressing rooms and offices have external air intakes to ensure a bright and healthy environment for your

In the event where the creation of intermediate airlocks is desired, the site has many access points to water and evacuation near the primary access doors to create hand washing points or changing rooms where your crews can change and discard disposable

During the summer period, if additional air conditioning is implemented, we recommend that the air conditioning unit be optimized for 100% air intake from the outside, rather than using systems where air is recycled from an air intake withinthe studio. Do not hesitate to put us in touch with your mobile air conditioning suppliers if you need more information.

On the AQUITAINE STUDIOS site : the ERP (certified to host public events) classified studio offers central air conditioning which can be activated by teams during periods of warm weather.
We ensure regular maintenance of filters and ducts in the air conditioning system. The silent low-pressure ventilation of the system minimizes air turbulence which could raise dust and other suspended particles. The studio can be quickly ventilated, and its air recycled by opening the front and rear access doors.

In addition to these measures, TSF offer for rental via CINE PROTECT a NOCOSPRAY Air to Surface Disinfection System (DSVA) which allows productions, should they so choose, to neutralize the complete studio and equipment it contains with a single viral neutralization operation (at the end of the day for example) to ensure a healthy, deodorized and decontaminated environment.

Personal safety

Our sites are all equipped with gels and hydro-alcoholic solutions (HA). Surgical masks are to be worn at all times in the common areas.

CINE-PROTECT offers certified and tested personal hygiene products for sale in various quantities and packaging.
The particuliarity of products designed for dermatological cleaning is that they, despite a high alcohol level (65 to 72%) contain glycerol which offers some skin protection as well as a viscous texture that alcohol alone does not.
Glycerol, on the other hand, leaves residues (good for the hands) which are not desirable on technical equipment. The HA solution contains less glycerol than the gel, hence the difference in viscosity and is useful for the disinfection of non-sensitive common surfaces, such as computer keyboards, door handles, elevator buttons, etc. Please note that TSF does not validate hydroalcoholic solutions for cleaning or disinfecting of its sensitive technical equipment.

Here are some useful links to get to know the products we offer :

Septysan AR:  https://www.ceetal.com/produit.php?nIdProduit_PM=10722

Biodésinfection DSVA – H²O² Oxy’Pharm : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxQDRkmBc5A

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